Llama Chute

A llama chute is used for restraint when necessary to provide safety for the llama and that of the handler. The Llama chute used at Northern Colorado Llamas was designed, and is built, by us.

An all-metal construction allows it to be used or stored outside to save valuable barn space if needed. Simple and convenient; it comes apart for transportation, and is built for the safety of both the Llama and the handler. And, if necessary, can be used with a sling.

Our Llama chute is very simple and easy to use. It features four spring-loaded rails on each side that can be easily removed individually to best suit the Llama handler¡¯s needs.

There are four cleats available to tie the Llama. The neck support is padded for the Llamas comfort and has a removable vinyl cover for durability. The support is also easily adjusted ��C simply slide the left upright into the desired slot. Then, to open it, just lift up on the slotted upper arm. And, if the chute is to be stored outside for any length of time, you can easily remove the neck pads to keep them in good condition.

The flooring is made of treated 2 x 8 planks. While some handlers have expressed concern that a Llama could get a leg or foot through the rails and become injured, we have used this chute for over 15 years, with hundreds of Llamas, and have never experienced any problems. However we are happy to manufacture the chute with solid hinged sides and lift-off, removable panels (1-, 2-, or 3-pieces), or anything else that might best suit the individual handlers¡¯ needs. Some prefer to screw a durable indoor/outdoor carpet (not supplied) to the floor of the chute. This can be done very easily and provides good footing for the Llama as well as added comfort for a kneeling Llama handler.

The weight of the Llama chute is approximately 330 LB without the floor, and 420 LB with the floor. An optional wheel kit also can be purchased separately for easy movement of the chute.

Please write, call or email us for shipping costs or additional information.

For the current price on our Llama chutes and other equipment available, please see EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES.

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