I offer training in llama packing. The class includes practical information, hands on demonstrations, and plenty of time for participants to practice with individual instruction.

Cria's here at Northern Colorado Llamas (NCL) are not handled any more than necessary until they are 6 months old. Training begins shortly after the Llamas are weaned from their mothers. We begin in a small pen calming and getting them aquatinted with being close to people. Within a few weeks they are accepting a halter and leading around the ranch.

Many training methods and opinions are adapted to train Llamas. Several people offer clinics to teach Llama owners how to effectively interact with their animals. Many good books and videotapes are also available and are a great tool to use. Gather as much information about the different techniques and styles as you can. As you begin to work with your Llamas, you will have the tools to use and you can apply the technique that best suits you. TTeam with Marty McGee, and others, and the John Mallon Method are just two excellent examples of ways to acquire training information.

Training a Llama is easy. They are intelligent, curious, and retain what they learn very well. Kids are capable of training Llamas because they are gentle to handle. Here at NCL we train our Llamas ourselves and we will be happy to show you our techniques, share our experiences, and help in anyway possible. Llamas can be trained for many purposes. For more information see USES. Please give us a call and come for a visit, write, or e-mail us. We are always glad to show our Llamas.

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