Packing with Llamas is a major interest of Northern Colorado Llamas (NCL) and the reason we acquired llamas to begin with. Llamas have soft padded feet similar to a dog instead of hooves. This makes them very sure-footed in rough terrain and they have a low impact on the environment. In most places llamas can browse on native vegetation which eliminates the introduction of undesirable plants and weeds into remote areas. Llamas are easy to handle. In unexpected situations, sudden movements or noises do not normally bother them. Learning to pack with llamas is easy and kids can lead them or ride on them. Depending on the size, condition, and disposition a llama can carry up to 1/3 of their body weight. Llamas can go anywhere you can walk, down a trail or through timber. I have packed with llamas across rocks, rivers, canyons, heavy timber, snow, mud and alpine terrain, even fog, rain, and in the dark with no problems. When arriving at backcountry destinations llamas are easily cared for. No fences or corrals are required, just a small screw in stake or similar object to anchor a light weight picket line is all that is needed. When you leave, the area looks just as it did when you arrived. Transporting Llama(s) to the trailhead or place of departure is also easy. Llamas jump right into a pickup, van, or trailer. They normally lay down as they ride and if you drive slowly and carefully, you can haul llamas on some 4WD or unimproved roads.

We sell Llamas for packers, both trained and youngsters that you can train yourself. We have developed a group of llamas to be leased as packers for people that can't or do not want to own their own llamas, or who want to experience llama packing before deciding to purchase llamas. For more information see LEASING or SALES.

We can demonstrate the packing equipment we use and explain why and how we made our choices. We also supply all the equipment needed see EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES.

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