Welcome to Northern Colorado Llamas. We lease Llamas for the novice backpacker or serious outfitter. Our introduction session provides needed information to begin packing with Llamas. Packing with Llamas is very popular in this area; therefore leasing with NCL should be prearranged well in advance if possible to make sure we have Llamas available and qualified to meet your needs and to make your packing experience fulfilling. We rent Llamas for any length of time and will be glad to get you started packing with Llamas. Most beginners are surprised how easy it is, and experienced backpackers are delighted with the extra things Llamas allow you to enjoy. We require a one-time class to get you aquatinted with Llamas and their equipment. The class is $45.00 and after the class you can rent the Llamas at anytime you would like. The length of the class varies with the number of people attending and their experience and goals but 3 to 4 hours is a good average. The class includes practical information, hands on demonstrations, and plenty of time for participants to practice with individual instruction. Because of the general nature of Llamas we don't recommend taking just one Llama in most circumstances. Two or more Llamas work better but we will go over everything in the class. Not everyone in your party is required to attend the class. Only the persons who will be responsible for renting the Llamas, but it is not $45.00 per person so please bring as many persons who will be involved with the Llamas as possible. We have several Wilderness areas, State parks, and National forest close and convenient to us. We can offer tips to those who are not experienced in backcountry packing or camping. When leasing Llamas from NCL all saddles,  pads,   panniers,   tie outs,   feed, halters, leads, etc. will be provided. We also have trailers available to transport the Llamas if you need them. When leasing llamas, NCL must approve all vehicles used for transportation. The weight that Llamas carry varies with each Llama depending on their size and personality. The type of terrain and hot weather also is a consideration but about 80 lbs. per Llama is a good average. I hope we can provide what you need and I am always glad to meet new people and get them started with Llamas. After the introduction section the handler's will have the confidence and ability to begin packing with Llamas, but be careful, it's addicting!


* Introduction session $45.00
* Leased Llamas $45.00 per animal per day
* Trailer $20.00 per day
* For more information see TRANSPORTATION
* For more information see EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES
* For more information see PACKING

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