Welcome to our diverse breeding program. Northern Colorado Llamas (NCL) is now focusing our program with 3 great studs.

1. CLL Doctor Pepper - Descendent of Livorno, Pegasus PL, and Poncho Via.
Weight: 382 lbs.
Wool: Light wool
Color: Dark Brown
DOB 9/1/1991

Off spring: Over 25 Crias, various colors, strong and usually larger than their Dam (mother).
Description: Pepper is my old buddy. Packs heavy loads of over 100 lbs. with ease. He covers any kind of terrain, steep hills, thick timber, over and under logs, rocks, mud and snow. He loads easy by jumping into a 4 WD truck or trailer. Very eager disposition, ready to hit the trail and always curious of what lies ahead. We have packed with Pepper's sons and they exhibit the same traits.

2. New Dawn Winsome - Descendent of Rocky Mountain Montague, and Oak Hill Clyde.
Weight: 340 lbs.
Wool: Light wool
Color: Appaloosa white/ brown spotted
DOB 11/19/1985 Deceased 11-5-04

Off spring: Over 26 Crias, various colors, although tends to have good results with passing on his own colors. Great composition, alert and healthy offspring ready for the show ring or trail.
Description: Winsome is at the edge of retirement. He still produces perfect Crias great for almost any purpose. Super smart, easy to train and handle.

3. Desert Chief - Descendent of Silver Bullet I, and Magnum I, and MT-M Ambrose.
Weight: 410 lbs.
Wool: Light wool
Color: Reddish Brown
DOB 9/13/1993 Deceased 4-19-08

Off spring: Over 13 Crias, various colors, strong and usually large.
Description: We purchased Chief in Oregon and have been very pleased with our choice. His size, good conformation, and ability to be a Llama with diverse uses made our choice easy. He is sure to be an important part of NCL's breeding program and offer's the quality Llamas we demand.

4. Cadfael's American Spirit - Descendent of Cadfael, and Perdita's Cotton, Candy
Weight: 370 lbs.
Wool: Light wool
Color: Appaloosa white/ brown spotted
DOB 9/14/2001

Off spring: Over 4
Description: Purchased from Larry Lewellyn at Foothills Llamas, He has numerous awards and we are excited to see his babies next spring.

5. Cactus' Big Boy - Descendent of Prarie's Thorny Reflection, and Reba M
Weight: 350 lbs.
Wool: Light wool
Color: Brown
DOB 6/15/2002

Off spring: Over 4 Crias, various colors, strong and usually large.
Description: We purchased Big Boy from one of our customers. I liked him when I first seen him, and it worked out that I had the oportunity to add him to our breeding program.

6. Many Llamas at NCL are from outside bloodlines including Cameos Nautilus, North Star Legend, KoKoPeli, Josh, Suki's El Stucco, Hast Alex and many more. It will be a pleasure to supply detailed information on Dams or Sires involved with NCL breedings. Come visit our ranch call, write, or email us for photos and answers to any questions.

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