Boarding services at Northern Colorado Llamas (NCL) are provided year around. We have over 225 acres of mountain meadows with good fencing, barns and outbuildings. The Roosevelt National Forest adjoins our property and Cherokee State Park is close by. Both offer great opportunities to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. An altitude of 6600 ft. provides a mild climate. The Llamas are well suited for this environment. We do not experience extremes of deep snow or high temperatures and humidity. Heat stress is not a problem as in some places and snow does not cover the ground for long periods of time.

We feed top quality barn stored grass hay in the winter. Plenty of pasture is available during the spring, summer and fall. Mineral supplements are always available and a mountain stream provides fresh clean water. For more information see FEEDING.

Yearly vaccinations, spring and fall worming, feet trimming, feed and minerals are free for Llamas boarded at NCL.

Boarding Fees:

Geldings and females are $2.50 per day per animal.
Studs and intact males pastured separately are $3.50 per day per animal.

In case of emergencies NCL acquires veterinary services through Country Companions and/ or Colorado State University (CSU) Veterinary hospital. A boarding agreement will be required.

Customers are always welcome to use or visit their Llamas at any time. Please evaluate their condition, groom, train, and enjoy your animals as you wish.

For more information on our facilities and capabilities please see LLAMA CARE

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